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Infant Warmer CBW-1100

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Cool comfortable lighting assures less fatigued eyes. Adjustable mobile stand designed for balanced stability & transporting. More effective phototherapy by 4pcs of fluorescent lamp.

X-ray photography procedures have been simplified. Just swivel the canopy through an angle of either sides. X-ray cassette tray conveniently placed enables you to take accurate X-ray.
The mattress platform can be tilted 0..-10.. with respect to the horizontal plane.
So that it gives ample space for instruments, tubing and patient leads.
Computerized control system integrates all necessary controls, indicators, displays and alarms in a single location

The CBW-1100 infant warmer is the system to offer you various patient care opportunities, incorporated computerized control and warming functions which expand capability for infant care management. You can precisely control the neonate's thermal environment to help prevent cold stress. And you can more easily work with your patient in chronic or intensive care situations in the operating room, delivery room or nursery.The built-in microprocessor precisely controls the temperature to help prevent cold stress from patient.The optimal environment for the patient is realized through servo control system which control the temperature between skin temperature and air temperature automatically. Tilting function (0..~ 10..) allows better access to patient and patient management. Larger bed accommodates larger baby easily. The complete integrated multi-function computerized control panel enables that user can easily find out the trouble situation with his/her naked eyes through advanced alarm functions. The apgar timer gives audible and visual signal every 1 minute. So that user can easily check lapse-time of heating. If there is an error or malfunction, those surely be checked by self-diagnostic function, a series of diagnostic codes simplify troubleshooting and servicing.

Sophisticated computerized control system.
The CBW-1100 infant warmer control system uses an advanced microprocessor to put you in control of patient and system status while providing both manual and servo modes of operation to maintain precision thermoregulation. In addition to enhancing patient safety with a comprehensive alarm system, the micro-processor also reduces service time with a complete system self-check on power up, verification of accurate operation and calibration during use.

Computer-controlled warming
The powerful cal-rod heating element directs controlled radiant heat evenly across the entire bed surface, warming the baby but not the operator.The heater housing which also contains an exam light-swings out of the way either sides for special procedures, surgeries and X-rays whenever you need complete, unobstructed access to your patient. The apgar timer sounds every 1 min. showing lapse time of heating. All the transparent acryl baby guards but the one closest to the support pole may be pulled down out of the way to provide quick infant access. The mattress platform can be tilted 0..-10..with respect to the horizontal plane. So that it gives ample space for instruments, tubing and patient leads.

Alarm function for safety
The provided alarms are for power fail, sensor fail, High/Low temperature of skin & air and over temperature. When alarm conditions occur, an appropriate indicator lamp will flash and buzzer will sound. Further, if the skin temperature rises 1or more above the preset level,power supply to the heater will be automatically cut off to prevent further temperature rise.


Power source
220V/110V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Heater : 650W
Control box : 45W
Halogen lamp : 20W
Photo lamp : 20W x 2ea
Skin temp.
Control temperature ranges : 35°C~38°C
Resolutions : 0.1°C
Air temp.
Control temperature ranges : 20°C~37°C
Resolutions : 0.1°C
Display of temp.
Digital LED
Alarm function
Power fail. System fail.
Sensor fail. Skin temp.
Air temp. Over temp.
Apgar timer
Range of display : 1~99min.
Sounds every 1 minute.
500 x 700 x 1,770mm
Net weight
Approx 97kg
Phototherapy lamp
Halogen lamp(50W x 1ea) : 3,000Lux
Life span : 2,000Hrs.
Ceramic, infrared and radiant heating system
Controlled by microprocessor
Rotation of head part
either side for X-ray
680 x 560mm
X-ray cassette tray sized
4" x 4ea with brake
Aesthetic design
Giving space for storage