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Infant Incubator, Incubator CHS-I1000

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The new CHS-i1000 Infant Incubator allows create optimal conditions through precise control of hood temperature and humidity by use of microprocessor. Double walls are also adopted to minimize radiant heat loss and such effect of external heat loss on infants.

By use of microprocessor, CHS-i1000 makes it possible to control temperature and humidity of the hood inside precisely. It is designed that air circulation system minimizes the heat loss in the hood by use of double wall structure and air wall(curtain). Humidity can be adjusted between 30~90% with a humidity controller. 8types of audible & visible alarm devices enable users to identify problems of the infant or Incubator easily, if the incubator has some trouble in its operation. Double safety device makes overheat of heater cannot affect the safety of the infant. In order to provide comfortable and silent environment for the infant, the noise level of the CHS-i1000 Infant Incubator is programed to lower than 47dB(A), which is lower than IEC601-2 standard.

Simultaneous Care for Multiple birth
Multiple births have escalated over the years. Recent clinical studies observed the possibility of inhibited growth with premature twins suffering from separation trauma.
The new CHS-i1000 allows you to simultaneously monitor your low birthweight twin infants in one incubator. A large mattress allows the clinician the sufficient spaces for caring both babies and provides enough room for both infants to grow comfortably.
Double Wall
Consistent air temperature is imperative to the development of a premature baby.
The CHS-i1000 infant incubator adopts Double Wall Structure to minimize radiant heat loss from the newborn baby skin and maintain air temperature at constant level by flowing warm air between inner wall and outer wall during the operation.
Inner wall is designed to be detached easily from the main hood for cleaning the inside of the hood and sterilization.
Sensor Box
The controller module of the CHS-i1000 receives the data such as air temperature, skin temperature, humidity from the Sensor Box. These data are displayed on large LEDs of the control panel.
The connector and skin sensor is easily detached from the sensor box when cleaning or sterilizing the incubator hood.

Air Wall(Curtain)
Air wall(Curtain) is incorporated into the new CHS-i1000 to help reduce temperature fluctuation within the incubator when the front door is opened for treatment of infant.

Humidity Control and Display
Humidity of the hood inside can be controlled until it reaches to the setting value and the range of the humidity control is between 30%~90%. The generated humidity is supplied to the hood by air circulation system. The measured value is displayed on the humidity display window.
The display range is between 30%~90% and if humidity is lower than 30% or higher than 90%, LL or HH is indicated on the humidity display window.

Alarm function for safety

  • Power Fail. : When the power is off or disconnected accidently.
  • System Fail. : When the system error occurs.
  • Over Temp. : When the air temp. is over maximum control range(37..) by 1...
  • Air Flow : In case of non-operation of fan & motor.
  • Sensor Fail. : The sensors are disconnected or the wire of the sensors is broken.
  • Air Temp. : When the air temp. differ from setting temp. by over 1.5..or lower 3..
  • Skin Temp. : When the real skin temp. differ from setting temp. by over 1.0..
  • Low-Water : When the level of humidification water is lower than limit on the humidity reservoir.
    In every case, the Alarm lamp will be flash and audible alarm will also sound

Air Circulation System
The new CHS-i1000 infant incubator adopts an Air Circulation System to maintain consistent air temperature and humidity in the hood and reduce radiant heat losses from the infant by flowing warm air between inner wall and outer wall with circular blower.

Humidity Reservoir
The humidity reservoir is removable.It makes it easier to replace used water with fresh water and to clean the reservoir.

The mattress can be in trendelenburg position. The tilting rauge is between 0°~12°