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Steam Sterilizer(CHS-AC80)

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Square Type CHS-AC80

The pre-programmed automatic control functions by means of a motor operated selector valve actuated through a control device which is highly responsive to chamber conditions of temperature, time and pressure

The sterilizer shall be the pre-vacuum type heated by steam from the building supply line for sterilizing heat and moisture stable materials by the mechanical air removal method using saturated steam as the sterilizing agent. Liquids can be sterilized by the gravity air removal method.

The steam supply may be provided by connection to a central supply or by a built-in electrically heated steam generator. The built-in steam generator eliminates the quality variations which may occur in a central steam supply and means that the autoclave only has to be connected to a cold-water supply and electric mains

The sterilizer is designed and produced according to the IEC-601-1988 safety of medical electrical equipment.