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Operation Table JW-T7000

Product Detail Information

JW New Operating Table.
JW-T7000 is designed with Unique and Easy concept and its outstanding features are LED display of movement & battery at the bottom of table.
easy access for C-arm and extreame strongness and stability of whole mechanism.

Memory foam soft pads
Provide gentle patient positioning, distributing the patient's weight evenly on the tabletop
Table Top Backup Controller
LED Display of battery status and movement provides user-friendly operation
Column & Base
Unique Streamlined shape And extreme stability
Ergonomics for users
Light weight(290kg) with Quick release offer improved Ergonomics for users
Power activation
Power activation by either internal battery or facility AC power
Wired & Wireless type Hand Switch
For adjusting height, tilt, slope and leg and back plates and zero position
The icons are self-explanatory and provide user intuitive and secure operation via an IR signal and cable.
Enough Space for C-arm access
Easy C-arm access with lowest base height(150mm)
Quick & Easy Release
The modular design with mounting points for extension module
One single click is all it takes to exchange the leg and back plate.
400mm Slide Mechanism
Tanks to 400mm slide of tabletop, there is no need for patient reorientation and preconfiguration of the table.
Thanks to strong and rust-free stainless steel cover, it is very easy to clean and disinfect

Size and Drawing

Table Top/Front/Side

Access for C-arm



Overall Size(mm)
570(W) x 2065(L) x 1000(H)
Net Weight(kg)
C-arm access area(mm)
Head : 1,110/Foot : 1,040
Base Height(mm)
Height Range(mm)
Back section refraction
Leg section refraction
Head section refraction
Electro-Hydraulic System
Remote Controller
Wire/Wireless Button Type
Power Source
100~240AC, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption